What does this school do to create a safe learning environment?

Parents who are choosing a private school are often concerned about safety in the classroom, just from watching the news and hearing horror stories of things that have occurred in public schools.

We feel there is a big benefit in being part of a school where all the parents are strongly encouraged to keep their child’s environment healthy and positive. The reality is that your child’s environment will be strongly co-created by the other parents in your child’s class.

Details may vary from one Waldorf school to another. One way that Waldorf increases safety is by encouraging parents to protect a child’s innocence. A big part of this is limiting a child’s exposure to TV and other media. A child who is exposed to sexual or violent behavior will likely be driven to act it out with his friends, thus exposing even more children. Keeping children innocent makes that sort of thing less likely.

In addition, in my experience, most Waldorf parents are very dedicated and care a great deal about their children. It is not easy to pay private school tuition and to go against the cultural currents by avoiding media exposure and electronic toys. Parents who are willing to do this for their children are, by and large, very loving and attentive with their children.

Waldorf teachers also contribute to the safety of children by being so attuned to each student as an individual. It’s a focus of Waldorf philosophy for teachers to really get to know each student as a unique person. This watchfulness also contributes to greater safety. Of course, Waldorf teachers are each unique individuals, too, and you should ask to meet your child’s potential teacher in advance. Whenever the class size is small, this also contributes to a teacher’s ability to attend to each child. (At our Waldorf school, there is a limit of 24 students per class in grades 1-8, and the classes are often smaller than that.)