What opportunities are there for parental involvement?

Parental involvement is very important to optimize a child’s school experience. It creates an integration of home life and school life and helps your child have a sense of community. Also, when you participate, you help create the school experience, hopefully for the better. Waldorf encourages parental involvement, and creates many opportunities for it. The specifics can vary from one school to another.

Here’s one example: At our Waldorf school, parents work together with the teachers to create a Halloween Journey, which is a healthy and non-scary alternative to trick or treating for young children. Within their classroom they create a scene for a short skit, come up with costumes, and a few act it out. Then all the children come dressed up (homemade costumes are encouraged, and nothing too scary for the sake of the youngest ones) and go around in groups from one skit to the next. They receive little gifts, but candy isn’t emphasized. It’s really enriching for the young children. Not all parents are involved, but it’s a lot of fun for those who do get involved and it’s an opportunity for anyone who wants to participate.