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There are several private Waldorf kindergartens in Boulder, Colorado: Shepherd Valley, Shining Mountain, Blue Sky Preschool/Kindergarten, and Boulder Waldorf Kindergarten.

Like the Waldorf-inspired preschools, a Waldorf kindergarten also has a primary emphasis on play, imagination, social development, and physical development. They get the children out walking, with as much contact with nature as possible. Children get to play with natural toys designed to leave room for the imagination. Children are served healthy whole-grain snacks.

And again, there is evidence which backs up Steiner’s philosophy that even in kindergarten, it is better not to begin teaching reading and math skills yet. I have learned from Waldorf teachers that at this age, developing the imagination and also motor skills are strongly associated with the cognitive skills that will later enable them to do well at reading, math, and other academics. And Waldorf certainly has a fantastic track record of graduates’ proficiency with academic subjects.

Also, since Waldorf schools really work with the parents to help limit TV and other electronic media exposure for the children, the imaginative games in a Waldorf kindergarten tend to be created more organically, rather than being constrained by images that were absorbed from the TV (which may or may not be wholesome)!

Waldorf kindergartens typically include two years, which gives the older ones a chance to learn by helping the younger ones, while the younger ones look to the older ones and can anticipate the growth they will soon be experiencing.