High Schools

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The two Waldorf high schools in Boulder, Colorado are Shining Mountain and Tara. As an aside, there is also a Waldorf high school in Denver. It is quite remarkable, and unique in the United States, to have three Waldorf high schools so close to each other.

According to Steiner’s philosophy of child development, the high school age of adolescence is all about a search for self and quest for truth. An adolescent has a capacity and a need to question everything and everyone, including himself.

Waldorf high schools meet the needs of adolescence by maintaining a broad education while also preparing students to exceed college entrance requirements. Subject teachers bring specialized expertise in their areas of authority. Waldorf seeks to help adolescents find examples in the world that match their own inner experience, and includes subjects that are metaphors of the various experiences of adolescence. Adolescents are developing social awareness and a grasp of world events, so the curriculum supports this development. Gifted students have opportunities for doing advanced work. Analytical skills, independent thought, self-discipline, and creative resourcefulness are cultivated.