We are parents in Boulder county with a child in a private school. Like many other parents, we really want the best for our child. We want him to have a solid academic education, and also to have the best foundation possible to have a full, happy life. In this way he can be prepared to chart his own course in a life filled with possibilities.

To us, a complete education includes the arts, physical development, foreign languages, relationship skills, moral reasoning, and “thinking skills”, along with traditional academic subjects such as math, science, and history.

We really appreciate all those who have contributed to this website, including Stan Sudan, teacher at Shepherd Valley Waldorf School, who helped fill in some of the gaps of our knowledge and correct errors. Any errors remaining are our own responsibility, of course. I also thank other teachers, school staff, and parents who contributed.

About the artwork:
The puppet banner image shows horse, wizard, and peasant puppets, as well as a felted tree, all handmade by Cindy Sudan, teacher at Shepherd Valley Waldorf School. The photo was taken at a free community puppet show in Niwot, CO, presented by Shepherd Valley early childhood teaching staff.

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