Are you looking for a private school in Boulder County?

Here Are Some Questions That May Help You Decide!

We are parents who have chosen a private school in Boulder County. We have also interviewed other parents, as well as school administrators, to find out what parents ask the private schools and what they need to know to choose the private education that fits them the best.

Top 10 Questions Parents Ask When Choosing a Private School

1. What does this school do to create a safe learning environment?
2. What is the basic philosophy/theology of the school?
3. What degrees or certifications are held by the teaching staff?
4. What is the ratio of teaching staff to students?
5. What is the typical schedule for a school day (lunch, snack recess, begin and end, after school sessions, etc.)?
6. What opportunities are there for parental involvement?
7. How does this school meet the needs of individuals, who may have different learning styles?
8. How does this school embrace diversity?
9. How long has this school been in operation?
10. What is the tuition, how is it payed, and are there scholarships?

These questions address the basics. (To see some of the answers that apply to the private school we chose, click here.) However, these questions do not get to the heart of the matter. What do you need to find out in order to determine, as best you can, that a school will provide an education which will help your child reach his fullest potential and have a meaningful life? Some additional questions can help:

Top 12 Questions Parents Could Also Ask, But Most Don’t Ask Them All!

1. Does your school focus on academics only, or do children get a well-rounded education that includes the arts, physical education and foreign languages?
2. How do your graduates perform in college and in the world? Do your graduates have a life-long love of learning?
3. How satisfied are the graduates of this school with the education they received here?
4. What kind of discipline does this school practice? Does the school have a student conduct policy?
5. How do you assess how well students are learning?
6. Does this school’s teaching approach fit with the natural developmental stages of a child?
7. What is this school’s approach to spirituality?
8. What does this school ask of parents?
9. What about social and emotional development?
10. What kind of play do you offer to young children?
11. Does your school focus on rote learning, or developing cognitive abilities?
12. What else do I need to know that makes this school unique?

I hope these questions are useful to you in choosing a Boulder private school that is the best fit for you. I wish you the best in making a good decision for yourself and your child. If you are curious about what school we chose, you can find out about our choice here. To see answers that apply to the private school we chose, click here.

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